About the Researcher

John W. Oller, Jr., PhD in General Linguistics from the University of Rochester joined the faculty at UCLA in the summer of 1969. Two years later he was accelerated to tenure and the Associate Professorship and in 1972 founded the Department of Linguistics at the University of New Mexico. In 1997, he moved to Louisiana to build the PhD in Applied Language and Speech Sciences approved by the Board of Regents in 2001. He now holds one of the endowed full professorships funded by Doris B. Hawthorne and the Board of Regents.


Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima where the five-week battle took place between US forces and the Japanese who had dug tunnels throughout the impregnable volcanic mountain. The landing took place February 19, 1945 and lasted until March 26, 1945.


Flag raising sculpture in Washington, D. C. Image in the public domain.

In 1984, Oller received the Modern Language Association Mildenberger Medal for “the best book” a book on language teaching and literacy. His doctoral students now occupy positions of distinction at universities in California, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Texas, Thailand, Korea, Japan, and Germany. For the 2010 Centennial Celebration at Fresno City College, based on his essay about great teachers, he was asked to nominate  Hans Wiedenhoefer as one of “100 Stars for 100 Years”.  Wiedenhoefer was a national Hall of Fame coach and athlete in both football and wrestling, a Purple Heart medalist for the landing at Iwo Jima in WWII. Wiedenhoefer was there on February 23, 1945 when the US marines raised the American flag on Mount Suribachi. The FCC Centennial Committee added Oller to the “100 Stars for 100 Years.”

His current work is about biosignaling systems and the human language capacity. Unsurprisingly, disorders, diseases, and mortality are caused by disruption of biological messages by toxins, collisions, and pathogens. It follows that everything is dependent on true representations. We must find them, comprehend them, act on them, and prevent their corruption for as long as we hope to stay alive and healthy. Some say truth is hard to find in a world of accumulating errors leading to death. The problem here and now is how merely to postpone death, yet we long for an eternal solution. So, comes the crucial question: given that God has revealed His grace and mercy in the work of Christ on the cross, will we believe that Jesus has purchased eternal redemption for everyone who is willing to believe in Him? Is the biblical Gospel true?

“Ordinary truth” can be understood by a child of about 5 to 8 years. For some mundane published proofs, see the special issue of Entropy that Oller contributed to and edited 2012-2014 after his theory of biosemiotic entropy appeared in 2010:

(2010) The antithesis of entropy: Biosemiotic communication from genetics to human language with special emphasis on the immune systems. Entropy, 12(4), 631-705.

(2014). Biosemiotic Entropy: Concluding the Series. Entropy, 16, 4060-4087.