Realized Injuries versus Imagined Benefits

The upsurge in childhood seizures, neuropathologies, and other disease conditions was one of the initial clues that something wrong was happening to the genome before conception and during early development.

Genetic material is at the center …

From the ADN animationbeginning of development, the DNA is central. It interacts dynamically through RNAs with the ribosomal factories that build proteins with the whole body and the external world. The proteins, also resonate and communicate with each other and with the other signalling systems providing the structural basis for nutritional transport systems, and the integrity of different cells, tissues, organs, and the whole body. At the highest level of the hierarchy of signs, we find consciousness and volitional action. Meanwhile, deep in the bone marrow repair and defense systems many layers deep are at work. Our defense and repair systems function much like an integrated police, military, and corps of engineers.

From embryos to ears and galaxies . . . the growth spiral appears.


InterestingFibonacci early, the signs of lgolden-spiral-galaxy3ife reach from embryos to ears and even to galaxies. In between are all the intricate layered systems that enable us human beings to express ourselves in the only system that is evidently complex enough to talk intelligibly about all these things. From genetics to the human language capacity, the signs for staying alive are deeply interconnected and interrelated.